Monday, October 31, 2011

Musing Mondays (5)

Hello Readers,
This is my fourth week involved in the weekly blogging meme Musing Mondays, hosted by Should Be Reading. This week's musing asks:

Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less? Why?

Considering I'm not really that old...difficult question to answer. :) In actuality, in junior high I'd read a book a day. Now if I were to do that I'd get fired and would fail my classes.

I don't have as much time to read, and so it takes some creativity to fit in reading. However, I read now more than I did in high school, because a) I started this blog and joined goodreads--meaning much more books are at my fingertips, and b) because I review books for a living and for this blog.

So my reading has fluctuated. Junior high a ton, high school, not that much, college more than high school, but not as much as junior high.

I've always loved reading, even in my childhood I loved it. Magic Treehouse, Nancy Drew, were my favorites in my early elementary years.

What about you? Do you guys read more or less now?

As always feel free to leave your link in the comments section.

~Danica Page

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Book Review: Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Average Rating: 3.68
As always, here is the synopsis that goodreads has to offer.
As children, Jennifer Harris and Cameron Quick were both social outcasts. They were also each other's only friend. SO when Cameron disappeared without warning, Jennifer thought she'd lost the one person who would ever understand her. Now in high school, Jennifer has been transformed. Known as Jenna, she is popular, happy, and dating—everything "Jennifer" couldn't be. But she still can't shake the memory of her long-lost friend.

When Cameron suddenly reappears, they both are confronted with memories of their shared past and the drastically different paths their lives have taken.

Sweethearts is a story about the power of memory, the bond of friendship, and the quiet resilience of our childhood hearts.

My rating: 4 stars.

My overall thoughts/impressions: I love Sara Zarr. She places situations that cause your heart to break at the forefront of her novels. She doesn't do so in a way that seems forced. She just naturally explores these issues and how teens would deal with them.
I loved this story. Zarr did a great job of creating characters that are easy to relate to. This novel isn't my favorite one by her, that honor belongs to Story of a Girl.
But I do love this novel. It is beautifully written. I will admit that I was hoping for a HEA, but the ending was fitting and beautiful in its own way. A great read.
Most Memorable Quotes/Lines:

· My brain doesn’t seem to work that way. Most specific things about Cameron are fuzzy—the day we met, how we got so close, exact words we said to each other. There are only moments, snapshots, pieces of the puzzle. Once in a while I feel them right in my hand real as the present, but usually it’s more like I’m grasping for vapor. ~pg 4
·Then I closed the lid, because it hurt too much not to, and Cameron and all memories of him were lowered into the ground. And somehow I knew that if I was going to survive, the person I was had to be buried with him. ~pg 12
·The only thing that could never die or be buried was my loyalty to Cameron for everything he’d done for me and what we’d been through together, even if that loyalty was to a ghost. ~ pg 19
·And he left. I watched him walk out—he didn’t even say goodbye, he didn’t even look back. It scared me, how easy it was for him to do that. ~pg 89
·My day had been fine on schedule until he walked up and disrupted things and told me he wanted to go back and relive everything. ~pg 91
·(THIS WHOLE PAGE AS WELL AS THE NEXT ONE ARE TERRIFIC. I kind of spliced it together so it would make sense and would be short.)
I think about how there are certain people who come into your life, and leave a mark. I don’t mean the usual faint impression…And I don’t just mean they change you. A lot of people can change you…I’m talking about the ones who, for whatever reason, are as much a part of you as your own soul. ~pg 215

Warnings/Side-notes: Sara touches upon some touchy issues concerning the family and a physically abusive father. It is fairly clean. I wasn't offended, but for the sensitive of heart this novel may not be for you. It is a beautiful book, however, and I'd recommend it.
In Summary: Sara Zarr just has a way with words. Her writing stays with you long after you have finished turning the last page. A great author who has definitely distinguished herself as one of my favorites. She simply has such a beautiful writing style.
The Wrap-up:  A great novel that I definitely recommend. Beautifully written.

Have you guys read this novel, if so what did you think?

Next Review: Georgette Heyer's Arabella.


Danica Page

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

I know, I know. I'm just slightly behind the times with my review of this novel as well as the fact I just read it a few weeks ago. But better late, than never.

by Ally Condie
 Average Rating: 3.81

As always, before I get into my review of this novel. Here is the goodreads synopsis.

Cassia has always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her: what to read, what to watch, what to believe. So when Xander's face appears on-screen at her Matching ceremony, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is her ideal mate... until she sees Ky Markham's face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black.

The Society tells her it's a glitch, a rare malfunction, and that she should focus on the happy life she's destined to lead with Xander. But Cassia can't stop thinking about Ky, and as they slowly fall in love, Cassia begins to doubt the Society's infallibility and is faced with an impossible choice: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she's known and a path that no one else has dared to follow.
You know a novel is going to be good when you're hooked after reading the synopsis.

My Rating: 4 stars. A great read. I loved it, but it didn't stand out enough to get a 5. I'd reread it though, and it will proudly occupy a spot on my shelf.

My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: I've been wanting to read this book for a long time. I've heard such good things about it. (Plus, even though I didn't realize it until yesterday, I've loved all of her other novels so far.)  
I was hooked from the synopsis like I mentioned earlier, and I'm still hooked three weeks after finishing reading it. I'm dying waiting for Crossed to come out. I feel bad for those who have waited a whole year. :(
The novel is written in a beautiful, compelling, and lyrical style that I absolutely loved. Cassia was a character that I could easily relate to. I loved her voice, her personality, and basically everything about her.
I hadn't realized this until frequently, but a good portion of my favorite novels involve a love triangle. Nothing like a good love triangle, right?
The book met the hype I've heard about it. Definitely a novel that I'd recommend.

Some Memorable Quotes/Lines:
·         But I don’t want Grandfather to think that I am marking the minutes. Marking the time until our visit is over. Marking time until his life is over. Although, if you think about it, I am marking time for my own life, too. Every minute you spend with someone gives them a part of your life and takes part of theirs. ~pg 65 
·         It already feels like a different place. More haunted. A little lonlier. I think that is because Grandfather is not sitting at the window anymore. Today, he rests in bed in the living room as his body shuts down. Right on time. ~pg 72 
·         I sit between Ky and Xander, equidistant from both of them. It’s as if I’m a piece of metal and they are two magnets and there’s a pull from either side. ~pg 228

In Summary: A great book, that is beautifully written, has a great plot line, and is one that I will definitely reread.

Warning/Side-notes: This novel is clean. There is nothing I found offensive.

The Wrap-up: I can't wait until Crossed comes out. I'm literally holding my breath. And I'm also super excited because some lucky winner is going to win Crossed and Matched. Lucky duck. I'll just have to buy two copies at once. :) Because I need one for myself.

Up next: Sweethearts by Sara Zarr....third one I've read by her this year, and not the last by any means. Anybody want to give me How to Save a Life by chance? :) I know, I know, but a girl can dream, right?

I know you guys have read Matched. What did you guys think? Are you guys as excited about Crossed as I am?


Danica Page

Book Review: Wings Aprilynne Pike

A little while ago, I was asked to review novels for a site called RatedReads. I accepted their offer and am now reviewing books on that site as well.

That is where my review of Wings by Aprilynne Pike is posted. A great book by the way. I absolutely adored it. I love a good love triangle. Definitely will have to read the rest in the series.

Anyway, to check out my review please check out this link. This is the first one I've done for this site, and I'm really excited about it. Any comments or thoughts about this review are welcome.

Also, since I read so much over my media fast. Don't be surprised if you see quite a few reviews in the next few days. Namely:

On the Fringe by Courtney King Walker (received for review by newspaper I write for)
Matched by Ally Condie
and Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

My goal is to get caught up on all of my reviews in the next three days.

Happy reading everybody!

Have you read Wings, if so what did you think?

~Danica Page

Friday, October 28, 2011

Q & A with E.S. Lark author of Trueblood's Plight

E.S. Lark is an author of three books: Trueblood's Plight, The Waking Grove, and Trough the Eyes of a Wolf. The Waking Grove and Through the Eyes of the Wolf came out in early September of this year and Trueblood's Plight will be released within the next two weeks.

E.S. Lark is a fantasy writer, who contributes her love of writing to her vivid imagination and her seventh grade math class. E.S. Lark actively posts on her blog, has her own website, and is active on goodreads.

Q & A with E.S. Lark
(This Q & A will be centered on her novel Trueblood's Plight, which I recently reviewed for this blog.)

How did you come up with the idea of Trueblood’s Plight?
The general idea for this novel came about due to my passion for gryphons and a lack of books involving them. Most of the books I have found involving gryphons depict them as something that’s cruel and unintelligent. I actually spent a few years role-playing on text-based mucks as a gryphon, so you could say I’m a little biased. Long story short, I wrote what I wanted to read.

The term Trueblood basically means one who can control all of the elements. As far as Ava, the main character’s concerned, these skills include magic, healing and agility. She’s referred to as a Trueblood throughout the novel.
Why do you love writing fantasy in particular?
Like many other writers, I started out writing fantasy. And while I’ve tried branching out into other genres, nothing feels as comfortable to me. When I write fantasy, I really get into my characters. They end up becoming an extension of myself and I cannot wait to get back on the computer so I can write about them.
I have a few stories on the back burner that are more contemporary. Sadly, they don’t pull at me as much as my fantasy novels do, so I might only write a little here and there during my other more personal projects.
You often switched narrators within your novel. Did you have any difficulties with this? Was there one voice you preferred over the others?
To be honest, I didn’t like one voice more than the other. Both Kivra and Ava play a large role in the plot, and I couldn’t possibly tell the entire story from just one character. Especially when Ava’s unconscious. There are a few times where I also share the point of view from a minor character, only because it has a huge impact on the plot.
After writing the first draft, I actually switched narrators quite a bit, many of them being a one-time occurrence from a minor character. So during my edits I did my best to eliminate as many narrators as possible. In the end, I finished the book with two major points of view as well as two minor ones.
How did you come up with the unique names in your novel?
Names for me are one of the hardest things to come up with. It’s one thing to go online and look at the baby name dictionaries, and another to fit those names with a character of my choosing. A name needs to fit the personality of my characters.
I actually had used a few names in this novel during the first draft that are used in The Waking Grove. So when I went back to edit, I had to change some of the names, which was very hard for me.
Why did you decide to write about gryphons and giphens?
Gryphons are a huge passion of mine, and I’ve been writing about them in short stories for years. The basic idea for Trueblood’s Plight actually came from a story I started back in 2001 called Giphen Magic. I’d only written about 10,000 words and the storyline for that was very different and rather bland. So I salvaged what I could and started writing a new novel in 2008, finishing it last year.
Are there any authors who influenced your writing?
Definitely. The author I’m most inspired by is Mercedes Lackey. I’ve read her Mage Wars series countless times, which involves a large clan of gryphons, their human comrades and the trials they face in their word against a power-hungry mage.
The Black Gryphon is my favorite book within the series and had me close to tears by the end of it. Very few books do this for me. So when I was working on Trueblood’s Plight, I continuously read back on scenes I loved, trying to figure out how I could get my voice to sound just as strong.
What do you hope readers gain after reading Truebloods?
A greater appreciation for gryphons as well as a hunger for more. When we hear about epic fantasy, we think about dragons, elves and dwarves. Someday, I hope gryphons will be among the creatures we think of when someone mentions an epic fantasy. Gryphons need more love and attention.
What do you like to do besides writing?
I love walking with my husband, taking care of our animals and gaming. Among the animals we own, we have a cockatiel named Sweetpea who I studied for countless hours while writing. I used his body language to write about Ava’s emotions and how a gryphon or giphen may look when they’re angry, alert or stressed.
Anything else you want readers to know about you or your writing?
Wynrith and with its characters before moving onto another project.
You can learn more about Trueblood’s Plight and Wynrith on my website at Thanks for reading.
Thanks E.S. Lark and good luck with your sequel and writing endeavors.  I enjoyed reviewing your novel and getting to know more about you.
Danica Page

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Review: Trueblood's Plight by E.S. Lark

Pages 220
Released in early November 2011
Received for Review

As always here is what goodreads has to say about the novel:

Thirty years have passed since the clan’s flight from Tesmar, their beloved gryphon city. Three decades spent searching for safer shores, a place to repopulate and for some, to bury the truth of an age-old prophecy.

Until now.

Ava always knew she was different, from her pale plumage to her silver eyes, but being a Trueblood—a giphen who can use all forms of magic—takes ‘special’ to a whole new level. With overprotective elders and the enemy advancing from the north, Ava struggles to balance her time on and off the battlefield.

But when numerous attempts are made on her life—an attack on the clan, a rift storm and a mage controlling the minds of her friends from afar—Ava fears there’s another just like her, weakened and magic starved, who’ll stop at nothing to use her powers as his own. She’ll have to hone her skills and exhaust her reserves close to death if she’s to go against him, even if it means forming a dangerous alliance with her enemy.

My rating: In order to do this novel justice, I’m going to rate various points of the novel. 
Characterization of characters: 5

General Story line idea: 5 

Execution (Actual Writing): 3.5. Allow me to explain. E.S. Lark’s writing was generally compelling, entertaining, and original. However, at times I felt slightly confused by the events of the story. This confusion was always quickly eliminated; however, it was there. 

Ending: 3.5, the ending was well written and fitting for the story. However, there were a lot of loose ends that as a reader I would have liked to see tied up. Overall, a good ending though. 

My overall thoughts/impressions: This book is a light, imaginative epic fantasy tale. E.S. Lark takes readers on a journey to a fantastical land where gryphons and giphens (basically a smaller version of a gryphon) take center stage. The novel follows the tale of Ava, a spunky giphen, who isn’t afraid to do what she thinks is right, even if nobody else agrees. She’s willing to do whatever it takes in order to help her people, even if it means sacrificing herself. 

I found the writing style compelling and entertaining. I will admit to not being a huge fan of books where the main character is not human; however, this book was still refreshingly original.  

I did feel slightly confused over the occasional jumps in the plot; however, this novel was still thoroughly entertaining. The novel beautifully characterized the main character Ava. Her voice rang true throughout the novel. She was easy to relate to despite her being a non-human protagonist. A great main character. Also, the novel included wonderful supporting characters who helped support Ava in her role.

I did feel like that in some instances some important information was left unsaid until later in the story; however, despite this minor confusion that arose at times, the novel was still as a whole very engaging and well-written.

Warning/Side-notes: I didn’t find anything offensive. 

The Wrap-up: A good novel. It was really original, and I was entertained throughout the novel. This novel isn’t typically the type of novel I read and it was nice to branch out. For readers who love to delve into the world of epic fantasy, Trueblood’s Plight fits the bill nicely. 

In Summary: An enjoyable read that for the most part contained compelling writing, included strong characters that Lark characterized nicely, and an intriguing plot line. 

E.S. Lark is currently hosting a blog tour prior to the release of her novel and will be featured on many different blogs. Lark may be back on the blog within the next few days for an author interview.


Danica Page

Blogger in the Spotlight....Lost Amongst the Shelves

This week I'm pleased to introduce Kristan of Lost Amongst the Shelves who will be starring in this week's Blogger in the Spotlight. Big welcome, Kristan . And now let's get into the spotlight.

Kristan's author spotlight: 
Sarah Dessen is a young adult author living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Currently, she has 10 published books and a movie adaptation of two of these works entitled How to Deal. Her most recent novel, What Happened to Goodbye was published in May of 2011. She is an accomplished author, topping the New York Times as a best seller with several of her books being honored as ALA Best Book for Young Adult.

(Her friend Nikki, Kristan, Sarah Dessen, and her sister Jamie
at RJ Julia's book signing of Along for the Ride)
At 22, some people may think I’m a little too old to still be stalking the Young Adult section of bookstores. I should be moving on to more “mature” genres more suitable for my age. I’m too old to be still stuck in these high school books. My thoughts though…What are they thinking?!
Sarah Dessen was my turn to author growing up. Every girl has her story: broken family, poor self-image, unrealistic expectations for oneself, an overwhelming sense of being lost. Being a teenage isn’t easy, but Dessen is able to capture that on paper and show us that it is possible with each one of her books. Each of her novels tells a compelling and real story of a girl who is just like you and me.  She’s flawed but her story is beautiful and with each of Dessen’s books I fall more and more in love with her writing. It’s just so real and compassionate and relatable to every reader. You will find a piece of yourself in each of the main characters of a Dessen story. Her books are the perfect accounts of what a real teenager encounters while growing up, encompassing both the pain and the joys of reality.
My favorite part of Dessen’s books, although hard to just point out one, is her thought provoking quotes. While reading any one of her books, I will keep a pad of sticky tags to mark certain pages where I find lines which just amaze me. By the end of any of her books, my pages look like they’re interspersed with confetti and I’m just thrilled to have another ‘Dessen quote’ to add to the list. There is one in particular that has stayed with me throughout the years. It’s from the first book I read by Dessen, Someone Like You.
Life is an awful, ugly place not to have a best friend.
And just like that I was hooked.
Dessen’s work has stuck with me since high school, and now in my twenties, I still get excited with each new release. Her character’s are like old friends, the guys are still crush worthy, and the stories still break my heart and make me smile at the same time. I cannot give Sarah enough praise for her writing and can only begin to express the influence she has had on my life, both through literature and everyday goings. I will undoubtedly continue reading Dessen’s books, no matter the age, because as she said, life would just be an awful place without them.
Q & A with Kristan:
How long have you been blogging?
I started Lost Amongst the Shelves in the middle of August 2011, so it’s been about 2 months now that I’ve been blogging, but it seems like so much longer! I’ve been lurking around on other blogs for about a year now commenting on other blogger’s reviews and it was only this past summer that I decided to venture out on my own. 
Why do you love blogging?
I love being able to talk to other book lovers about books! Not all of my friends are readers, so it’s hard for me to go crazy and talk about a really good book with them. With blogging I get to talk to people all over the world who understand obsessing over a book and so I don’t feel as insane. Its great just meeting other people with the same passion as you!
It’s also the best way to get book recommendations. I don’t know how many books I’ve added to my wishlist based on other people’s book reviews. I used to search online for hours looking for a good book to pick up, but now, I can just go onto my blog and see what other people are saying. It’s like having hundreds of personal book shoppers with you =)  
How did you come up with the name Lost Amongst the Shelves?
I love getting lost in a good book, but even better is getting lost in SHELVES of them!
Can you tell me something cool that’s happening on your blog right now? (giveaway, blog hop, author interview, etc)
Lost Amongst the ShelvesWell I’ve just passed the 150 follower mark and so I decided to host my first giveaway as a way to say thank you to all my followers. Everyone has just been so welcoming and sweet so this is my way to give back! The giveaway is international and the winner will get to choose a $15 book from The Book Depository. I’ve also decided that if I reach 200 before the end of the giveaway (November 1, 2011) I’ll choose a second winner. Here’s the link to go and enter:
I’ll also be hosting an interview with Belle Whittington, debut author of Cicada. That should be up by next week!
I graduated from college in May of 2010 with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. (I’ve always been a bit of a science nerd). My school offers an accelerated master’s degree program where I’d be able to get my masters in Cellular and Molecular Biology within a year, whereas it would normally take about 2 to 2 ½ years. I decided that would be manageable for me and started taking classes right after graduation. I received my masters in May of 2011 and even wrote a 400 page thesis in a year which is in the works of being published. I eventually plan on using my master’s to return to school and hopefully become a Physician’s Assistant. 
You are a self-admitted adult who still reads YA. What do you tell people when they ask you why you still read YA?
I tell them they’re crazy not to love YA! No, seriously, I actually get made fun of a lot for still reading YA books, especially by my family and girlfriends, but when I started introducing them to Twilight and The Hunger Games the teasing definitely stopped. There’s just something so enticing about first love seen in YA. Authors of this genre are so talented and can capture my imagination so much more than in the adult genre (although I do read some adult books too). I’ve just always been addicted to reading and it started with YA and I can’t seem to stop.
You say that your dream is to make it to Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower in heels. Why?
Big ambitions, right? I’ve never left the country before (I’m from the U.S.) so I’m dying to be able to travel. Right now, I live vicariously through friends, pictures, and movies. I became obsessed with the Eiffel Tower years ago after I bought a painting of it from a local artist. It’s now hanging above my bed. It’s just a beautiful landmark in one of the most romantic and historic cities in the world! Since I’m 22 and haven’t traveled much, when I do get the chance to visit Paris and the Tower I’m not taking the easy way out, so you know I’ll be hiking up in style =)
What are you currently reading and what are you going to read next?
Right now I’m about three quarters of the way done with Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick and loving it! Seriously, if you haven’t checked out the Hush, Hush series then you don’t know what you’re missing! (I can tell you it’s a hottie named Patch).
I’ve got a huge TBR pile right now with quite a few books to choose from. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson is probably at the top of that list. I also have an author request for a review of Wanderlove by Belle Malory that I’d like to read too. 
Why should readers follow your blog?
I’m a really fun and not an overly critical person. My reviews are my honest opinions, but aren’t page by page break downs of books. I’ll be straight forward about a book, so it’s not like you’re getting a wishy washy review. I’m not a professional, and I know it, so you really see a lot of my own personality and craziness in my reviews. I’m also a really sweet person and very easy to talk to, so if someone ever wants to rant about a book I’ll be right there with you! 
Anything else you think readers should know about you?
Feel free to come check out my blog, Lost Amongst the Shelves, or email me at I love talking about books and am really personable so once you get me going I could talk with you forever (especially about a good book!)
I also want to say a BIG thank you to Danica for hosting me on her Blogger Spotlight! She’s been super sweet and so gracious for featuring me =)
I was introduced to this blog, when Kristan contacted me about this blogger spotlight. A very interesting blog. Check it out! You won't regret it.
Well that's all for this week's Blogger in the Spotlight. Thanks Kristan for participating and thanks I'm glad you thought I was sweet. Also, if you're interested in being spotlighted, please see the Blogger in the Spotlight page.
Danica Page

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've been spotlighted!

Hey guys, Nightly Reading has spotlighted me on her blog. That is also where you will find my review of When It Happens by Susane Colasanti. 

It's a great book, very cute. Please go check it out at the following link.

Thanks Nightly Reading once again!


Danica Page

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (3)

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly post by Jill at Breaking the Spine to spotlight upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This is my third week involved in this meme. Today the book I'm eagerly awaiting is Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder.

Hello, it's Maria Snyder, what isn't too love about this book. I have adored every book by Snyder, including her short stories which are free on her website. Definitely an author to check out.

Touch of Power comes out on December 20, 2011. THAT'S ALMOST HERE! It's 400 pages.

And here is the official goodreads summary.

Laying hands upon the injured and dying, Avry of Kazan assumes their wounds and diseases into herself. But rather than being honored for her skills, she is hunted. Healers like Avry are accused of spreading the plague that has decimated the Territories, leaving the survivors in a state of chaos.

Stressed and tired from hiding, Avry is abducted by a band of rogues who, shockingly, value her gift above the golden bounty offered for her capture. Their leader, an enigmatic captor-protector with powers of his own, is unequivocal in his demands: Avry must heal a plague-stricken prince—leader of a campaign against her people. As they traverse the daunting Nine Mountains, beset by mercenaries and magical dangers, Avry must decide who is worth healing and what is worth dying for. Because the price of peace may well be her life....

As I said earlier, I love Maria V. Snyder. The Study series, the Outsiders series. Definitely will keep this book in mind.

Anybody else love Snyder, excited for this novel?

As always feel free to leave a link to your Waiting on Wednesday post.


Danica Page

Survived Media Fast= read 7 books.

I'm back and have forty blog posts currently opened in my browser. Why did you guys have to post such interesting things while I was gone?

No, in actuality, I'm thoroughly enjoying getting caught back up and am so excited to be back into the media world.

However, I did read seven books in the last three days, because I couldn't use media or do my homework really.

That part was good. So yeah, a lot of reviews in the upcoming days. Trying to frantically write WoW and WWW Wednesday post, hope to get that out in the next hour.

Hope you had a great weekend! And it's good to be back.


Danica Page

Teaser Tuesday (7)

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly blogging meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anybody can play along. Just do the following:

Grab your current read. Open to a random page. Share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page.

Be careful not to include spoilers. You don't want to give the book away or ruin the book for others.

Share author and title (and page number) so others can add the book to their TBR list if they like your teaser.

This is my seventh week involved with Teaser Tuesday. I am officially still off line, meaning that for a college class I had to stay away from all things media for three days. This should hopefully mean I got a lot of reading done. But on the bad side, I'm writing this on Friday and saving to to be posted for Tuesday. Hopefully that works.

Anyway, so don't be upset if I don't respond to your comments until Wednesday. :)

This week I'm reading On the Fringe by Courtney Walker King. This book just came out last week. Exciting! This novel is one that I was asked to professionally review. I received the novel from a newspaper organization.  

Here is the official goodreads summary:  

Claire is struggling to overcome the murder of her childhood friend and secret crush, Daniel. Everyone else seems to be moving on with their lives, but she's still trying to cope. The fact that she finds herself alone and drowning on her 16th birthday isn't helping.
Neither is thinking she sees Daniel's face in murky water as she mysteriously resurfaces. But something happened during those four and a half minutes that will make her realize it was not just her imagination.
As Claire and Daniel try to grasp a possible reconnection, other grudge-holding beings have plans of their own. Now, the two of them have to decide if their fleeting relationship is worth the possibility of Claire being trapped on the fringe forever.
Beautifully told, On the Fringe intertwines fresh ideas about devotion, revenge, and the consequences that come with life and death.

Here is my Teaser Sentence: "Stay away from her," I warned, trying to act like I actually had some way of following through. But the ghost only smiled at my bluff, staring at me while fading out, never looking away until he was gone. ~pg 54

I've mentioned this book on here a lot lately. But I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you read this yet? If so, I'll be impressed. What's your Teaser Tuesday post this week?

As always, leave your link and I'll check it out.


Danica Page

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Media Fast--meaning I won't be here

Dear Readers,

I will not be online Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. For a college class I have to fast from all things media. So I'm not allowed to be on here for three days. Meaning no Musing Monday and probably no In My Mailbox, because Saturday is my book run day and I'm not going to be able to post on here, because I'm going to a party.

So yeah, I'll see you on Wednesday. I've written my Teaser Tuesday post and this post in advance. Enjoy your weekend and I'll catch up with everything on Wednesday.

Danica Page

P.S. Three days without media? I don't like the sound of this. I had to do this in elementary, and that was hard enough.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

YA Giveaway: Matched and Crossed is a go!

Thanks to all of you guys who voted on what book I should giveaway! The votes are in and Matched was the winner!

Oddly enough, I'm currently reading this book right now.

But that's not why you guys are here. The giveaway will close open today and close on November 10.

I'm using Google Docs to keep track of the votes, and then will be using Random.Org to mathmatically pick a random winner. I wil notify winners on Thursday November 10 if they won via email, they will then have until Monday the 14th to claim their prize.

Thanks guys! And just because you guys are awesome I'm throwing in Crossed, which comes out November 1.

Danica Page

Blogger in the Spotlight: Reading Wishes

Rebecca's button
This week I'm pleased to introduce Rebecca of Reading Wishes who will be starring in this week's Blogger in the Spotlight. Big welcome, Rebecca. And now let's get into the spotlight.

Rebecca's author spotlight:

One of my favorite authors, include the ever-so-talented Stephanie Perkins. I may have only read one of her books so far, Anna and the French Kiss, but I was utterly impressed! Reasons I love her:

-She managed to put a smile on my dial within minutes of starting Anna.
-Her prose is lovely to read. Simple yet fun.
-The characters in Anna, impressed the socks off me! They were real – not fake and baloney – which is refreshing to read about!
Can’t wait to read Lola, Isla and anything else she may write. I advise that you check her out, if you have yet to do so!

Q & A with Rebecca:
How long have you been blogging for?

I started blogging this year, on the 28thof July and remember the date clearly, as it’s marked on my calendar: underlined, with two exclamation marks and a love heart, reminding me of when I started a chapter of my life!

Why do you love blogging?

I love book blogging because I’ve found a community of people who are interested in books and reading, just like I am.It’s great to be able to share your opinions, meet fellow bloggers and have fun along the way!

How did you come up with the name Reading Wishes?

This was quite tricky and I had to do quite a bit of brainstorming. I wanted my blog name to be fun, quirky and cute; finally I came up with, Reading Wishes! I wanted something bookish in the name, so it was easily recognized as a book blog. Also, when you think of wishes, personally, I think of a shooting star, or blowing out your birthday candles…something magical! Which is exactly what reading is to me!

Instead of hosting a 50 follower giveaway, you are donating to the You Give= We Give Fund. What made you decide to do this?

Well, in just over a month I’ll be having a Christmas Giveaway, but I still wanted to celebrate hitting the 50 mark! So I decided to spend the money on postage for You Give = We Give. I’ve already donated some books I had lying around the house, but as a reader I always have more to give! It’s important to think of others and give when we can, since we are so lucky ourselves!

You’re an Aussie. What are three things readers don’t know about Australia, but should?

1.The average Australian is not anything like how we are portrayed in the movies: example, the tourists in My Life In Ruins.

2.When you arrive in Australia, don’t expect to find kangaroo’s hopping around the place. Unless you head to the outback or bush.
3.Our current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

What is your favorite way to read a book? (in one sitting, over a long period of time, snuggled in your blanket, etc.)

My favorite way to read a book is over the course of a few days. I like to read in my marshmallow bed or on the recliner. I love reading with my mum; she reads her book and I read mine. Along the way we fill each other in on what’s going on and tell each other funny, laugh out loud moments!

You say you love romance. Why romance?

I don’t know… It’s just one of the genres that I love to read. Doesn’t everyone like a swoon now and then!

What are you currently reading and what are you going to read next?

I just finished off Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols and am currently reading Notes from the Teenage Underground by Simmone Howell.

Why should readers follow your blog?

People should check out my blog if they love YA literature, especially Contemporary and Romance. I not only write reviews, but I’ve started taking part in fun book memes!

Anything else you think readers should know about you?

I didn’t expect to love blogging, as much as I do!

Reading Wishes is a very cute upcoming blog, be sure to check it out! You won't regret it!

Well that's all for this week's Blogger in the Spotlight. Thanks Rebecca for participating! Also, if you're interested in being spotlighted, please see the Blogger in the Spotlight page.

Danica Page

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWW Wednesday (2)

W.W.W. Wednesdays is hosted by MizB.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What am I currently reading?

I am currently reading Trueblood's Plight by E.S. Lark. This is a novel that unlike any other I've read before. I'm on page 70ish. This novel isn't told through a human's perspective, which doesn't quite match other books I've read. I was worried that would cause me not to like this novel. But so far, E.S. Lark is doing a great job of keeping my interest and writing in a compelling manner. I did receive this copy for review, fyi.  

For fantasy lovers, an interesting book to check out. It's self-published, but so far is good.

What did I recently finish?
I recently just finished Susane Colasanti's When It Happens (my Teaser Tuesday novel). This book isn't the cleanest book out there, but as I mentioned earlier it is super cute. I was drawn into the character's stories. Sarah and Tobey are characters I could easily relate to. I loved the writing style and the tone of the novel. The decision to switch between Tobey's and Sarah's novel was brilliant. A great read, but like I mentioned it swears frequently and references sex multiple times, so if that's not your cup of tea stay clear of When It Happens. A great read though.

What I plan on reading next?

I plan on reading On the Fringe by Courtney King Walker. I received this book two weeks ago from the newspaper organization that I professionally review novels for and was asked to review Walker's novel. I haven't got to reading it yet, but I received this novel early. I feel so cool. It officially is released today. Exciting.

A paranormal fantasy, young adult novel. Based off the synopsis, this novel is also different from the type of novels I typically read. I'm excited to branch out and see what this novel has to offer.

I'm also reviewing Beckoning Light by Alyssa Rose Ivy. I received a free copy from the author. I've been looking forward to reviewing this novel, and as soon as I finish Trueblood's Plight, this novel is officially up.  

Well and that's what I'm reading right now.

Have you read any of these novels? If so, what did you think?

And as always, feel free to post your WWW Wednesday link in the comments section. I love seeing what you're reading.

Danica Page
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